Anticipation Whispering Meadows Wine



Crisp white blend with great sharp flavors.  Our driest white.


Due to Oklahoma Law we cannot legally sell our product online.  Our wine is available in our winery and at our special events so come on out and see us! 

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    Let me start by saying that I ended up buying the chardonnay. It’s titled Worth the Wait & is GREAT. This one though, the Anticipation kinda broke my heart. I’m a HUGE fan of Vidal. It is by far my favorite. When I was told this one was made with a vidal, I wanted to buy without even tasting it. I was encouraged to try it first. I’m glad I did. There is a very clear crispness to a vidal blanc. It’s my favorite part. Crisp like champagne, smooth like chardonnay. This was smooth but as flat as 3 day old opened Sprite.

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