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Whispering Meadows Vineyards & Winery
Wine From The Heartland

The Original Collection


Dry Whites

Anticipation HD.jpg

A refreshing Dry White Blend, notably crisp with distinctive flavors of honeydew & grapefruit.


Some like it hot...this sultry Habanero Blend will spark your interest and leave you thirsting for more. Curious?

Hot & Bothered
Forget Me Not HD.jpg

A subtle, smooth Pinot Grigio and the perfect pairing to almost any dish. Delicately balanced wit hints of fresh fruit and floral notes.

Forget Me Not
Worth The Wait HD.jpg

This Unoaked Chardonnay is characterized by upfront fruit flavors including citrus and tropical fruits with a crisp satisfying finish.

Worth The Wait

Sweet Whites

In The Mood HD.jpg

With its fruity, yet smooth flavor, this charming Native White Muscadine Blend is a delight to the palate and a classic southern favorite.

In The Mood
Stuck On You HD.jpg

Ouch! This semi-sweet Prickly Pear Wine is sure to leave a lasting impression. Crisp acidity and light fruity flavors make this a wine worth savoring.

Stuck On You
Mint To Be HD.jpg

A Mojito in your wine glass...why not? This sweet unique blend of refreshing citrus, and light minty flavors complements almost any occasion.

Mint To Be
The Good Life HD.jpg

Our ever-popular Moscato. A fresh and floral sweet white with soft notes of peach and pear.

The Good Life
Caught In The Rain HD.jpg

Do you like Pina Coladas? Let our tropical new white invigorate your taste buds !

Caught In The Rain
Insatiable Sangria HD.jpg

An explosion of fruit in your glass. Sweet, tasty, and impossible to drink just one. Sure to be your newest guilty pleasure.

Insatiable Sangria
Misbehave'n White HD.jpg

Check your manners at the door and indulge in this Dessert Style blend of fresh Raspberries and White Chocolate.

Misbehave'n White

Blush & Rose'

Something to Talk About HD.jpg

A true semi-sweet, this award-winning White Zinfandel starts with hints of fresh strawberry, followed by a light tart finish.

Something To Talk About
Rumor Has It HD.jpg

With alluring notes of fresh fruit, this Apple Blossom Blush is sure to be the talk of the town.

Rumor Has It

Dry Reds

Black Gold HD.jpg

Medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with rich dark fruit notes of velvety plum, blackberry and red currant with a lightly smoked finish.

Black Gold
Choctaw Avenue HD.jpg

A local favorite, this elegant mild Merlot's deep ruby color and silky smooth flavor complement its sweet scents of plum with hints of oak.

Choctaw Avenue

Sweet Reds

Spice It Up HD.jpg

This semi-sweet Spiced Red Wine is designed to be served hot or cold. Cuddle up with its flavors of intense spice and hints of fresh berries.

Spice It Up
Live For The Moment HD.jpg

Our classic, tried and true Sweet Red Blend.

Live For The Moment
Rock My World HD.jpg

This native favorite is the perfect balance of sweet fresh Muscadine flavors with an almost woody finish.

Rock My World
SINgria HD.jpg

Our tempting Red Singria is an exhilarating blend of dark fruit and bright citrus. Come on, sin a little.

Always On My Mind HD.jpg

This Red Moscato has a name that fits! An amazingly light blend of fruity flavors and intensely playful on the palate.

Always On My Mind
Morning Temptation HD.jpg

The perfect wine to wake up to. Take delight in this sweet invigorating blend that is reminiscent of fresh Blueberry Muffins.

Morning Temptation
Misbehave'n Red HD.jpg

Bright Cherry meets Dark Chocolate in this luxurious, sweet red Dessert Wine. Go ahead...Misbehave.

Misbehave'n Red
Wild Child HD.jpg

Both decadently rich and irresistibly smooth, this dessert style wine tantalizes your palate with unforgettable flavors of Blackberry & Raspberry.

Wild Child
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