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Whispering Meadows Vineyards & Winery
Wine From The Heartland

McAlester's Original  Winery 

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The Original Collection

Twenty-three  delectable varieties with an incredible range of flavors. Something to suit nearly every palate. These award-winning wines also feature the stunning original artwork of local watercolor artist Paula Anderson. Each wine is given a lighthearted fanciful name

Whispering Meadows Winery  houses four vaults that are original to the structure ca. 1901, one of which is located beneath ground level. This collection offers five premium dry reds that have been barrel aged to perfection in the historical wine vaults that once housed the jewels, money, and other prized possessions of McAlester's early residents.

McAlester, Oklahoma  was well known for its infamous Behind the Walls Prison Rodeo. This annual event was the last of its kind, in which the entire rodeo was held completely within the confines of the prison walls. Whispering Meadows released a commemorative wine in conjunction with the event each year until it finally came to an end. After many years we have revived these one of a kind wines and released a delicious selection whose bottles feature historic images from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary and few fun facts to boot. 

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